Dhruv Agrawal (Partner)
M.B.A. Cardiff University, U.K.
B.E. Instrumentation & Control, Pune University, Pune

To earn our customer's loyalty, we must listen to them, anticipate their needs and act to create solutions that are both innovative and beneficial. Simultaneously, understanding the supply and demand gaps of the market and troubleshooting it with the right substitute can raise the value of our company and our portfolio of diversified brands, achieving market leadership and excellence in every segment of our company.

We want to be known for reliability, flexibility, responsiveness, innovative products and services, and exemplary citizenship. Growth, longevity and financial success will naturally follow. We will make this happen in an enriching environment of trust, cooperation and mutual respect.

We are responsible for the resources that we use and the impact that we have. We are always exploring new and innovative ways to become a more sustainable company.

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