At R. D. Ventures we strongly believe in the values of recycle, reuse and regenerate and therefore we present to you EnvoFix - a ready mix jointing mortar.

EnvoFix is a dry powder based ready mix jointing mortar for laying AAC blocks, fly ash bricks, cement blocks and red clay bricks. This mortar is specially designed and manufactured under stringent quality controls to give superior adhesive strength, higher durability and a strong bond between the blocks or bricks.

EnvoFix is made from a unique combination of cement, fly ash, graded sand and environment friendly polymers. This unique combination enables this mortar to be thinner, compact and versatile.

EnvoFix ensures higher bond strength and durability at only 3mm thickness than the conventional mortar at 12-15 mm replacing the conventional cement and sand mix mortar completely. It contains no materials that are considered harmful to the health of the applicator.



  • Pre-mixed, thin bed jointing mortar for increased time efficiency. Only water to be added.
  • Easy to mix and faster to apply due to its superior flow-ability and water retention properties.
  • No curing is required after application. Thus saving water.
  • Thinner layer guarantees to be economical.
  • Time and manpower is saved.
  • Lesser shrinkage and seamless structure.
  • High strength adhesion.
  • Consistency of material and quality.
  • No seepage and water percolation.
  • Raking of joints before plastering is not required.
  • Reduces wastage on site and also maintains cleanliness on site.
  • Fast setting mortar, subsequent applications like plastering can be performed after 24 hours.
  • Eco friendly and green building product with lower carbon footprints.

EnvoFix is available in 40kg bags. Bags used for packing are high quality HDPE bags with plastic lamination to protect the material from atmospheric moisture.

Shelf life:

EnvoFix can be safely stored up to 6 months from the date of manufacturing if kept in a dry place above the ground level and covered well. EnvoFix should not be stacked up more than 8 bags high and hard material should not be used for covering.

Mixing Method:

Prepare the mortar by mixing 25-30% water i.e. 10-15 liters of clean water per every 40 Kg bag of EnvoFix. At site addition of water shall be adjusted to obtain desired consistency. Material can be mixed by 2 trowels facing backwards to each other. Use of mechanical mixer- electrical stirrer is recommended for better results. Mixing should be done for 5-10 minutes depending upon the speed of mixing equipment. Ensure that no powder is left unmixed at the bottom of the vessel and the mix is homogenous with no lumps.

Preparation of Surface:

  • The surface area where EnvoFix is to be applied should be sound, thoroughly clean and free from dust, grease, oil and any loose material.
  • The masonry units like bricks or blocks should be pre-wetted before applying the adhesive.
  • Line out on the concrete slab should be done by using conventional cement mortar to get the desired line level.

Method of Application:

  • After the first line of bricks/blocks used for line out are evenly placed, apply a thin uniform layer of EnvoFix approx. 3-4 mm thick on the masonry unit using a proper trowel.
  • Place the next line of masonry units on the evenly laid jointing mortar bed by gently pressing it downwards, displacing the adhesive in all four direction to ensure proper line level and uniform surface exposure to the adhesive.
  • Each bricks/block should be set in position by gently pressing with the handle of a trowel or a small hammer.
  • Mortar should be applied on each contact side of the bricks/block before placing it on the leveled surface.
  • Line level should be checked continuously at all times.
  • When applying against a column EnvoFix should be applied on both the surfaces.
  • Any excess material should be cleaned immediately by using a trowel facing upwards to avoid wastage.

Range of Application:

Technical Description:

  Appearance   Powder based dry adhesive
  Colour   Grey
  wet Density   1.65kg/lt.
  Workability   Very Good
  Hard Dry   24 hours
  Compressive Strength   More than 8 N/mm² in 28 days
  Coverage   4-5 kg/m² Approx. 150-170 sq.ft. for 6" blocks
  Recommended Thickness   3-5 mm
  Pot Life   Approx. 2 hours at 27°C
  Proportion of Water (%)   25-30% of the weight Approx. 10-15 liters for 40Kg
  Curing   Self Curing. No additional water curing is required
  • Jointing and laying of masonry units like AAC blocks, fly ash bricks, concrete blocks and hollow blocks etc.
  • Jointing of pre-stressed concrete slabs and panels.
  • Jointing of cement-concrete floor tiles.
  • Jointing of concrete door and window frames.


  • Special care should be taken to make sure that adhesive spread on the block does not form a superficial film, in this case a Fresh layer of the mixture should be applied.
  • If the blocks are laid directly on the floor with possible humidity, it is recommended to apply a proper damp course system first.
  • Do not apply EnvoFix mortar in high humidity, pressure and stormy weather conditions.
  • Do not apply on surface that has a temperature less than 5°C.
  • The product should not be exposed to flowing water during application.
  • Though EnvoFix contains no toxic materials, still care should be taken to avoid dust inhalation while mixing and handling.
  • In case of contact with eyes or face, wash with plenty of clean water.
  • The product should be kept in a dry place and out of reach of children.
  • Persons who are allergic to cement should take proper precautions before use.

Envofix Brochure