About Us

R.D. Ventures was co- founded in 2012 by two enthusiastic entrepreneurs. Starting off as traders of construction material the duo realized the need of innovative products in today's era of development. With the deficiency of river sand and its mining impact on the river's ecosystem led to the innovation of a patented product EnvoPlast. Today the company's businesses are strengthened by an extensive marketing and distribution network, and have established a reputation for a wide and satisfied clientele.

The Mission statement

"To produce Construction material of highest quality and strive to achieve competence in the market by providing our customers with latest technological products at the best prices keeping in mind our strong commitment to the environment."

The Vision of our company is

"To innovate and bridge the gaps in construction industry thereby becoming a major force of reckoning in constructional material manufacturing and creating a global brand image which conforms to all the stakeholders."

Clear Values

We at R.D.Ventures believe in an organization culture that allows and encourages open communication. Our values based on trust and respect guides us in the way we do business. Our values also inspire us and as well challenges us.

Our Mantra of success is F.I.R.S.T.

Focus :

We focus on a high level of achievement and contribution. In order to create a long-term sustainable and profitable company, we must deliver value- added products for our customers.

Innovate :

We encourage flexibility and innovation. Our customers are constantly striving to develop their performance together with us, and by using our technology and products, we can often contribute with a number of solutions and new opportunities.

Responsibility :

We take responsibility for our environment. We think that ecology and economy are inseparably interlinked. Therefore, the protection of the environment is an important part of our business philosophy. We develop eco-friendly products based on cutting-edge technologies.

Sincerity (Do right) :

We conduct our business with uncompromising integrity. We believe in an environment where our employees have the right to speak up. With quality and service as top priority in everything we do and deliver, we keep our customers for life.

Teamwork :

We achieve our common objectives through teamwork.